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What’s Coming for Your Love and Sex Life in 12222

Deeper Insights. This week has you feeling sensitive on family matters and emotional security.

Your practical heart needs to feel safe, so decide what it looks like, and then speak on it to those who make it happen. Spring cleaning is on your itinerary thanks to the full moon. Organize and prioritize!

Surprise, surprise. Your mind and mouth are active this week.

Weekly Horoscopes 26 March – 1 April 2018

Plan a mentally magical evening with trivia, or a visit to the museum with friends. The full moon on Sunday lets you share your heart story with a person who needs to hear it. Be courageous! What do you need to feel protected? Find what financial and personal values strengthen your inner happiness, so you can feel safe! The full moon on Sunday will help you deep dive into the feels. Give yourself permission to experience uncomfortable emotions on home and family.

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Monday blues? Not for you, Leo! The moon shines just for you in the first half of the week.

Do what makes you happy! Have an open-hearted conversation with people who can help you be the best talker and space-holder.

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Give yourself some tender love and self-care, Virgo. Consider consulting with a professional for advice on cleaning up your financial health.

This week has socializing, connection, and friendship written all over it. Life is meant to be enjoyed with the people you love so make time for it this week. Think of what you want to surrender so that you can begin again.

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Speak on your expectations so colleagues who can help, will help. Let go and forgive what doesn't serve you. Thing big picture, Sagittarius. You might have to change some realities to protect this new big picture goal. Collaboration can help your vision come true.


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Your emotions are valid, Capricorn. Trust what your feelings are telling you on circumstances and people. Your heart will tell you what you need to know, say, or do. Date night, Waterbearer?