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Explain Chinese Zodiac Rat traits, baby personality, Rat characteristics, compatibility, relationship, wealth, The baby born on or after February 4, , will be a Rat baby. . Lunar Month 1 begins from January 25, to February 22,

It is also very important to know the exact effect of Kala Sarpa Dosha for an individual. For that, the exact positioning of shadow planets Rahu and Ketu are observed in any horoscope. For example, if Rahu sits in first house and Ketu in seventh house , it may create hurdles for self and also to accumulate you wealth.

If the same alignment falls in the second house and eighth house respectively, then native may suffer from family relations, wealth and other things related to second house. Hence this Yoga can be judged through the 12 houses in the horoscope by the placement of shadow planets.

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People often think about it as a bad combination or alignment of planets in their birth charts. However, there is nothing mentioned about this Yog in any of the ancient astrological texts. Nevertheless, this yog is none other than the creation of the modern astrologers. As the passage of time, astrologers found some planetary alignments influencing the events of life either adversely or favourably. Therefore, it can be auspicious and inauspicious both, depending on the other positions of the planets in Natal Chart.

Let's understand how it can be inauspicious for a person:. You might have to go with various difficulties in your life. You may experience death like scenarios. You may have troubles like diseases, loss of prestige, loss of wealth. You don't get what you actually deserve.

Here are some problems listed below if you have inauspicious Kaal Sarp Yog present in your birth chart. Though Kala Sarpa Dosha has its malefic influence over a person, but there is one more side of this yoga which also occurs. It can be considered as beneficial yoga. The results will be benefic if the same alignment is placed in kendra or trikona houses.

You may ultimately rise through the adversity. You may suffer initially or at an early part of your life but it blesses you at last. There are many celebrities who have born under this Yoga.

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So there is nothing to worry about that. People born under this yog are very intelligent, hard working, energetic, efficient in managing and planning things as well. Many prominent leaders, managers in corporate world, scientists, businessmen, civil services officers, and many other high-profile people have such yoga present in their chart.

They all have rise through adversity. That means they have gone through some mishaps in their early part of life and later on, that struggle got converted into their success. Hence in conclusion, it can be advised to think positive. The reason being, Kala Sarpa Dosha might take you to the heights of success and you may get what you actually deserve by showing your talent to the outer world.

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What is the Kalsarpa Yoga or Dosha

Regards Naresh. Colleen kavitha Says: March 12th, at pm Hello Sir, Its an honour to write to u sir, my dob is and time of birth is 2. Kesari Kumar Says: March 14th, at pm Respected Sir, i read your detailed analysis about kalsarpa yoga. Great to see this.

Cure and Remedies:

In my horoscope rahu is in the third house and ketu is in the ninth. I frequently visit to Kalahasti to perform Kalasarpa parihara pooja and i visited so many places, even in Traiambakeshwar also i perform some pooja to Lord Shiva. Right now am wearing Gomedh to my middle fingure and cats eye to my ring fingure.

Frequently in my dreams i will get snakes on that day i will be so nervous and restless. Please tell me the remedy so that my problems will solve. I was told to be suffering with kalasarpa dosha. Born in suklapaksha and Saturn lord of 10th and 11th house is in 12th house at closer degree with destroyer Rahu and hence, I was told I cannot earn or achieve any thing in my wholelife.

Iam 39 years now and to till this day Iam not earning and depending on somebody else. I read your details about,i m going through very bad time.


Anant Kalsarpa Yoga in Vedic Astrology

Everything done by me for getting a job is going in to dump,this situation is breaking me from inside. I request to answer about my future. I know that I have kaal sarp yog and I know this I get bad results of my good work.

I remain in depression. Kindly suggest me the reamdy. Seema Says: March 21st, at pm when, at what time to wear this ring. I am in search of true love but i never get one, recentrly fall in lvoe with one but came to know she is married and have kid. Pleaze kindley suggest me what i do, i have been wearing 3 gem do not know their name was given by joyotish for this kaalsarp.

KalSarpa Yoga

IF you wnat then i send take a pic and sen it to you of that gem. He has kal sarp yog. DOB : 5th august place of birth lucknow india. He is sufeering from health problems at present mainly related to stomach. What will be his future like. My sister is very worried. Please advice, because i am getting conflicting readings from different so called pandits.